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About Us

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The climate tech movement is exploding.

Every day there is news about which technologies are succeeding, which are failing, and the best ways to make an impact.

Our Mission

To build the world's most accessible, yet comprehensive, resource for anyone using technology to address our climate emergency.

Our Vision

The Climate Tech Handbook is here to serve:

  1. Job seekers in Climate Tech

  2. Startup funders, founders, and leaders

We value:

  1. Quality journalism

  2. Measurable impact

  3. Strong community


The Handbook was started by Jacob Caggiano.

We are made possible by our Advisory Board and an active community of Contributors


Advisory Board

  • Peggy Holman - Co-author of The Change Handbook, Founder of Journalism that Matters
  • Mike Fancher - veteran journalist and retired Editor at Large for The Seattle Times
  • Brian Allen - Appropriate Technology Group

Photo by Nicholas Doherty on Unsplash

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