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Seattle Climate Lightning Talks

PNW Climate Week

As part of PNW Climate Week 2023, the Handbook hosted 10 lightning talks in collaboration with Nancy Wang, a volunteer from Work on Climate.

Slides and Video

We need a Climate Tech Handbook - Jacob Caggiano

Watch climate anxiety turn into...😮 climate positivity !?

Climate Risk and Policy - Sam Shugart

Our climate is changing - why aren't we?

Sam Shugart lays down years of graduate level policy research into a 5 minute distillation.

How can micro-organisms help us solve macro-problems? - Erin Wilson, PhD

Are we ready to harvest the incredible power of methane eating bacteria and other tiny miracles?

Accelerating fleets to zero emissions - Paul Bloom, Climate Solutions

Big businesses like Amazon can afford to go electric, but how do small and medium sized fleets Start Learning?

Fermented Proteins are Almost Ready - Larry D Gussin

We've hit exciting progress on lab grown meat, but unfortunately, it is still many years away from scaling.

What other options do we have?

Why does food waste happen? - Katherine Sizov, Founder and CEO of Strella

Reducing the toll of food waste is the number one action the world can take to reduce greenhouse pollution.

Escape the Chamber: Why pro-climate companies should leave the coal stained armpit also known as the US Chamber of Commerce and lead on climate policy - Drew Wilkinson

Drew is armed and ready to help us Escape The Chamber.

Who owns Downtown Seattle? - Linnea May, 350 Seattle

A Scooby Doo investigation into misleading tactics by large corporations who pretend to be small downtown business owners.

Why? So they don't have to update their building standards and deal with local legislation, which would force them to do their part in solving climate pollution.

Public civic data for the win!

Climate Justice and Energy Equity - Seiichi Nagai, Shifted Energy

We are quickly approaching an era when the people that can most afford energy don't have to pay for it and those that can least afford it are paying the most.

The Case for Changing Consumer Culture - Vicki Shaw, Community Gearbox

Vicki makes the case for why we should invest in consumer behavior shifts to combat climate change, and gives some insight into how we might do this through a community-rooted keystone habit.

Building a sustainable and profitable business by selling less - Sailesh Chutani

Former Logitech CTO presents a compelling case for businesses to transform their model of infinite growth into something that is both profitable and long lasting.