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How to use the Handbook

Now that it has been established why climate jobs matter and how this handbook/mini-course will aid in your finding of a climate solution and company that solves it, it is time to learn how this mini-course is set up the way it is!

How is this course set up?

Climate Tech Handbook’s uses the Dream Climate Job System to get you to your climate tech job!

Dream Climate Job System:
  1. Choose a climate solution (you will complete this in Level 2).
  2. Select 10 companies working on that climate solution (you will do this in Level 3).
  3. Build your portfolio and network (you will do this in Level 3).

Our model is loosely based on Austin Belcak’s Dream Job System.

There are 3 learning levels!

Level 1: An introductory lesson on what climate tech is, fundamental climate knowledge you should have, and an overview of terms and commonly asked questions.

Level 2: Here, you will do research on select climate solutions and choose one.

Level 3: Once you have a climate solution selected, you will research and choose 10 companies you are willing to work with and build your portfolio and network to increase your chances of getting a climate tech job!


Before you choose your learning level, we want you to remember this one important thing!

This is a community supported open source project. Contributing to an open source project is the best way to prove yourself and gain skills and experience in tech!

You can help us produce:

  • Content
  • Code
  • Designs

You can also help us financially through a small donation.


Task 2: Choose Your Learning Level

Level 1

Level 1

You're brand new. A basic overview of terms and common questions

Level 2

Level 2

You're ready to hone in on your climate solution

Level 3

Level 3

You have a solution but need to stand out in your job search