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Career Guide

You are committed to impactful climate work - congrats!

We will show you how to:
  1. Choose your employer type and look at job boards
  2. Evaluate your skills and experience
  3. Build your community and network
  4. Pick your climate solution and information diet

First: Choose your employer type

You have a choice
  1. Try to make your "regular job" more climate positive
  2. Leave your "regular job" and work for a dedicated climate organization

Note: most climate tech companies are early stage startups.

  • You can explore government jobs
  • Or look for sustainability positions within larger tech companies

Job boards

The three most popular:

Evaluate your skills and experience

Tech skills and experience
  • Do you already have "regular tech" experience - and just need climate knowledge?
  • you need a better tech portfolio + climate knowledge?

If you'd like a stronger portfolio for tech skills or climate knowledge:

👉 Join us on Slack & GitHub and help us build the Handbook 👈

Build your community and network

Slack / Discord communities

  1. The Climate Tech Handbook
  2. Work on Climate
  3. MCJ Collective
  4. Women in Climate
  5. DER Task Force (DER = Distributed Energy Resources)
  6. Tofu - for marketers, Tofu = Top of Funnel
  7. Climate Designers

More listed here

Local Meetups

Pick your solution and information diet

There are great ways to volunteer and plug in.

👉 Ask us on Slack if you need help. 👈

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Information Diet

Information Diet

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