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Jacob Caggiano

Me with my notebook at a climate event

Hey folks ๐Ÿ‘‹ thanks for stopping by!

I started The Climate Tech Handbook because I knew two things:

  1. I wanted to spend every second I could working on the climate emergency
  2. I wanted to see if it's actually possible to make a decent living doing it

What I found was astonishing.

There number of resources out there are ASTRONOMICAL.

Impossible for a single brain to handle.

The other problem is that it's really hard to find an employer who is the perfect match.

Even if you do, it's really hard to stand out from 500 other resumes without understanding the biggest challenges in their industry.

So here we are, an early version 0.9 edition of The Climate Tech Handbook.

My personal mission

To give you a free shortcut and help you:

  1. Find the right solution to work on
  2. Find the right organization solving it
  3. Make sure you want to work there
  4. Land the best job offer
  5. Succeed in your first 90 days

The Handbook is completely open source and built by a community of like-minded job seekers.

Come hang out with us on Slack, share what you know, and build your climate tech portfolio along the way!